Monday, 14 August 2017


So after a long hiatus I got my mojo back to write again...A lot has happened during this time ..Some of that I will share and some of it is just too boring....So keep looking for updates ..


Friday, 3 June 2016

Ideas Ideas & more Ideas !!

Well this post is just dedicated to all the good ideas I have received from my wonderful readers some of which I have already used and some which are stored away for future. To keep the identities secret I am not going to name the sources for these great ideas  !!

The best Idea of all is a ritual that I have started with Adi is an Indian custom of wearing a Mangalsutra(it is a necklace tied for husband's health). Adi's parents insist that I wear it on all the family occasions and other functions. I never liked it at all. A reader suggested a brilliant idea . Couple of weeks back there was a get together at Adi's home and I told Adi to get the Mangalsutra out from the locker. He was happy that he won't have to pester me to wear it this time. Little did he know :-).  When Adi brought it I told him "Adi starting today we have a new tradition. See now you are the wife in this marriage so shouldn't it be you who should wear the mangalsutra ?. I could see the blood drain from Adi's face contemplating what I was asking him to do. I then assured him "Don't worry I am not going to make it public. Now drop ur pants and underwear". Adi started to unbuckle the belt and drop his pants. When his cock was out I took the mangalsutra and tied it on his cock and took some Sindoor (it is a red color cosmetic powder) and applied it on his cock. Seeing Adi I started laughing uncontrollably. His face had turned more red than the Sindoor. I then took him in front of the mirror and remarked "Ab ban gaye ho tum meri dulhan (Now you are my bride)". I told him that this is a new ritual that he will have to follow for all the occasions going forward. On our way back in the car I asked Adi how he felt and he replied that it was very uncomfortable as the mangalsutra pricking his cock and he also told me that when her mother asked he told her that the mangalsutra is being worn just that it is not visible. I was hysterical and Adi mentioned that this was very humiliating...

The next good Idea came from another reader who had suggested a Punishment..Well lets just say he and I had some very interesting conversations and there was some great exchange of ideas.. This punishment is like a corner time for a girl but I twisted it. The idea suggested was for the girl to stand in a corner with two coins pressed between the boobs and the wall. If the coins drop the punishment restarts. Well as Adi as no boobs so I have twisted it that Adi will have to stand in the corner with coin between his erect cock and the wall. If the coin drops he get punished even more. I still haven't tried it yet but will do it soon.

One more idea that a reader had suggested was a variation of the cum-cube that I make Adi suck on. Last month one day when I woke up I told Adi that he is going to try something new today. I asked Adi to bring a glass as I started to go the washroom. I asked him to come along. I sat down to pee and asked Adi to stand and watch. I then took the glass and poured my pee into it filling the glass. When I finished I got up extended the glass to Adi and asked " Ab piyo isse jaldi se (Now Drink it fast)". Adi didn't bring is hand forward and which I laughed and said "Don't worry I have a better Idea'. I asked Adi to get an ice-tray. I then removed all the ice cubes and poured my miss in the tray to the brim. I then asked Adi to bring the tray into kitchen and warned him "If you spill even a drop you will have to lick it". You could see him handling the ice-tray like a nuclear bomb walking slowly so that nothing spilled. I could see a couple of drops on the way but I let them slide. I then asked Adi to put a poly bag around it and keep it in the freezer. Adi had no option and he complied.

Now we waited. Adi knew what was coming and he tried to reason with me and almost pleaded but I threatened him that if he doesn't stop I will make it worse. I checked the next day and the cubes were not frozen . I check online and found that it might be due to the salt. I lowered the tempearature of the freezer and started the Super Chill on the freezer. Next day I checked ..VOILA we had our cubes.. On the weekend in the afternoon I asked Adi to bring something cold to drink as it was almost an oven in the house with all the heat. I told him to make some ice tea and bring it to the living room. I then sat on the sofa watching TV while he came with two glasses and handed one to me. I then asked him "Did you put your special ice in ur drink ?". He was confused for a second but then realized. I then asked him to get two of the piss cubes in his glass of drink. He started to protest but then had a resigned look when he saw my eyes and went in to the kitchen. When he came back he had two cubes in his glass. I then asked him to remove his shorts and underwear and made him sit on the floor to humiliate him even more.  I then said "DRINK IT NOW"... I then played with his dick with my toes as he started to scrunch his face bringing the glass closer to his lips. I think he had plans to do bottoms up but I told him to stop mid way. I asked him to enjoy the drink that is my nectar. I continued to tease his cock which started to rise . As he finished his glass the two cubes were almost done and what was left were small cublets.. I asked Adi to get them in his mouth and suck them off. By now he did not mind it and did it without hesitation. I then asked him "Kaisa laga mera amrit ? (How did my nectar taste ?)". He told me that it was bitter and a little salty. I just laughed and was now horny. I then told him to brush his teeth and get to work with his mouth..Amazing fun

One more punishment that I tried was again something a reader had suggested. I told Adi to lick the rim of the toilet bowl . He had a lot of hesitation but I told him that he had cleaned it in the morning so should not be that dirty. He went down and sat in front of the bowl but was still hesitant so I grabbed his hair and made him kiss the bowl 5 times. I warned him next time I won't be so lenient

Another couple of ideas were to address a problem that I have with Adi's relationship with his parents. See Adi is a Mama's boy and always tries to defend them in front of me. One day Adi's mom was talking to me lecturing me to start a family when I almost lost it. I controlled myself and called Adi. I then put her mother on speaker and muted the phone and asked Adi that till the time her mother continues her lecture , he will have to lick my feet and sandals. Adi went down on his knees and started to lick while I just enjoyed the worship and her mother just went on and on. This must have gone for atleast 10 mins and when I ultimately hung up I grabbed Adi by his hair and told him that next time her mother lectures me on anything he better does what he did today. Adi told me that this is very humiliating for him.

Another punishment that a reader suggested is on feeding Adi his own cum while masturbating in front of a mirror and then licking it from there. This sounds super fun for me and extremely humiliating for Adi. I still need to try this so will provide an update when it happens..

There were a lot more ideas some of which I will incorporate in future and provide updates.

Keep writing and sharing your ideas

P.S. - If you want to contact me drop me an email or ping me on hangouts .


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Games we play

The problem with every relationship is that after a time it gets monotonous. The same is true for a FLR as well. After a while you start going through motions and then u start getting bored. Couples lose the spice and feel trapped in the contraption called marriage. I told Adi in the very beginning that if we ever reach a point like that we will just go our separate ways. Well we still have a long way to go but the start has been good.One of the ways to keep things interesting in the marriage is to come with games in and out of bedroom that keeps the stuff fresh

The premise is simple. Games are loaded in favor of Me , me and Me.,.. I always WIN.. Well most of the times.. Here are some examples

Game 1 : I fling all my shoes in the living room and blindfold Adi. Adi needs to crawl and match as many pairs in 5 mins. If he matches all he gets to CUM. But that has never happened. If he fails I decide his punishment. As he is with shoes I have made him drink from my heels for the rest of the day. Anything he needs to drink he needs to use my pumps as a tumbler. Score is 8-0

Game 2 : I tie his hands behind his back. I then start licking a lolipop and Adi needs to bring me to orgasm before I finish my pop. If he is successful he gets to chose when he can come next. If he is unsuccessful I decide when he comes next. I make it very difficult for him . I lie down on my fours so he has to access it from behind . He has still managed to make me orgasm 2 times as I forget that it is a game and just go with the flow once the juices start flowing. Still score is 5-2.

Game 3: Dare. I give Adi some simple dares. Well they are simple in my eyes. Adi needs to complete them before EOD. Examples : I will send my worn panties in his laptop bag. He needs to come back from work wearing them, jack-off in front of me with my panties in his mouth for 5 mins but not to come. If he survives these dares he gets to play with my breasts for 20 mins. Score : 2-3. He is winning this one . I need to up the ante on the dares. Any ideas ?

Game 4 : Hang it. Well again a simple game. I tell Adi that he needs to remain erect for me for 30 mins. I make him naked and ask him to get erect. Believe me it doesn't take long. I then start the timer and hang one of my panties by his erection. If the panties fall he loses. I try to be very nonchalant and start talking about my office to bore him. If he wins he gets to fuck me right there (why waste an erection). If he loses well he gets to orgasm me 10 times before he can even ask for one. Score 10-8

Game 5 : Scrabble - Well this is more of a schedule than a game. Everytime Adi licks me to an orgasm. I give him a tile for scrabble. He needs to make a word that is atleast 25 points before he can come. Also the word needs to be atleast 5 chars. I can be mean in this game as sometimes I take out all the vowel tiles :-)
Game 6: CC: We both get naked and I put a condom on Adi's cock and start giving Adi a handjob. If he is able to withhold beyond 2 minutes he gets to save one which he can encash anytime. If he loses I take the condom and freeze the cum in an ice tray. I then ask Adi to put the cube in his drink or suck the cube directly at random times. I call it CUM CUBE (CC)
Score 12-1

Game 7: Silence : I will tell Adi on a Saturday that today is his silent day and that he cannot speak anything even when I ask him a direct question. He needs to answer by writing it down on his mobile. If he fails and and speaks anytime he will come to me and I spit in his mouth and he needs to swallow. If he goes the whole day without saying anything he wins the next day Sunday as his freedom to do anything. Score : 4-1. (First time we played it I spat atleast 6 times in his mouth.)

Game 8 : Wrestling. Well again a simple game we play in the bedroom. We get naked and we wrestle. The first person to pin the other wins. But here is the catch. I sometimes decide to even (or odd) things up. Once I made him blindfold and he had search for me. I had fun pinching his nipples , pulling his balls. Sometimes I will tie his hands behind his back. He is a putty in my hands and I try various positions with him. Once I made him kiss my ass while his balls were in my hands and I was straddling him. Once in a while I play fair and we have an exciting match. Adi is always cautious around me and so I catch him napping and can be mean. If Adi wins he gets to finger my pussy for 30 mins. If he loses I get to finger his ass. Score (4-2).  

There are some more which I might cover later. 

I need some feedback and new ideas here so please get writing


Monday, 29 February 2016


The blog reached a new milestone this week. 100,000 page views.  Well that is amazing and I am truly thankful to all the readers for that. Pity the number of comments still has to reach 300 :-)

Next Target 500 comments by end of May. Let's see if I can make it interesting enough for readers to respond more frequently


Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Well it has been a whole two seasons since I last posted on this blog. Have received numerous emails asking about my well being and I want to assure all the readers that ALL is well in my world. It is just that life came in the way and I just got lazy. A day became a week and a week became a month and before I knew it has been six months !!!

Me and Adi have grown in our relationship and are at a much happier place. We have a better routine and things are much smoother. Infact they are too smooth for my comfort that I feel life is becoming mundane. I discussed this with Adi last month and he became a little concerned but I assured him it was a small thing. But that feeling is with me constantly to do something about it .

But the big question is what ??

Any advice readers !!


P.S- Adi's cousin is coming to live with us for a month. She is doing a course in the town and I told Adi that her presence in house doesn't mean our dynamic is going to change . I want you readers to decide what should we do. Please post ur comments and also participate in the poll

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

A tough week !! (Part 1)

Well not for me...but for Adi it was a week from hell !!!

I had told Adi that he will have to pay for the hell he put me through and pay it with interest..

Adi was scared but I knew that if this had to work I needed to put some planning into it..

I told him that this will happen but didn't tell him any time.. I told him to be ready and that it would come his way without any forewarning.

Well that any time was last week..

On Monday I announced that Adi that this week would be the one and that from today he loses all privileges as a husband and that he is just a slave for my pleasure...I told him that he needs to be follow some new rules for the week

1) He needs to be naked in the house at all times, except when maid is around
2) He needs to be silent at all times. The only time he will speak is when asked for a response
3) He needs to be prepared for something new everyday
4) He will be just an object for my pleasure and needs to anticipate my demands and needs
5) He needs to be on his knees and greet me by kissing my shoes when I reach home
6) He is my property and will be used and abused in anyway possible


I made Adi wear pink satin panties to work and told him that he needs to prepare dinner once he is back. When I came back I saw Adi was naked and immediately knelt on the floor and crawled to kiss my shoes. I told him that I was going to change and that dinner should be ready on the table. I came back 30 mins later and the table was set for 2 people. I then picked his plate and put it back in the kitchen. I told him to get on his knees and start massaging my feet while I ate my dinner. I left some rice and vegetables in the plate and put it on the floor and made him eat without his hands. While he struggled I berated him saying stuff like "Look at u dog...u are a wild dog and I know how to tame you.. After I am done you will just be a puppy... my obedient puppy..." I then got up and told Adi that he should clean the kitchen and come to the bedroom.. When Adi came I told him to kiss my feet as I watched TV. For the next 1 hr I totally ignored him .. When the show was over I asked him to go to the washroom and get my panties that I had worn through the day . When he came back I stuffed them in his mouth and asked him to get on his knees and start masturbating but not to come. He then started to stroke himself while I sat and played with his nipples. I then started to humiliate him by saying  "Look at you ..kneeling and masturbating at wife's feet..Pathetic". I warned him that as soon as he reaches the spot he must stop... He kept stroking while I pinched his nipples hard. He stopped as I knew he was reaching the climax.. I then asked him to start stroking again..He went at it and this time stopped much sooner..I made him go again and again for 15 more mins... I then removed the panties and asked him "Do you want to come" . He nodded yes..I then grabbed his chin with my left hand and jerked his right hand away and started to manhandle his dick with him right foot stroking it roughly. By now he was very sensitive and in pain immediately.. I told him that if he comes he will have to lick it immediately at which he nodded his head NO NO ..I then slapped him hard and said that he has no choice and that he will have to do it... I could see the fear in his eyes and I then told him to resume stroking and to come on my feet...  He came almost immediately..

I then told him " You Worship my is the time for some prasad (gift).". I then grabbed a fistful of his hair and pushed his head back. I then lifted some of his cum on my middle finger and asked him to stick is tongue out. He hesitated and I immediately pulled his hair that were in my fist. He promptly stuck his tongue and I slowly rubbed my finger on his tongue. I then just said "SWALLOW". He took his tongue inside and instantly had a gag reflex. I waited for a couple of seconds and then asked him to suck my finger dry. He immediately did that. Once he was done I asked him to go and clean himself up and then sleep in the other room.


In the morning I woke and went to the gym. I came back and immediately called Adi to the bedroom.
I was sweating like anything and quickly removed all my clothes. I then told Adi " You are my body slave and today I need to teach you what a body slave does. You will lick my body clean of my sweat . Now get started ." I told him to start with my hands. He had a defeated look on his face which egged me on. As he reached the top of my left arm. I grabbed his hair from behind and forced him to lick my armpit. Well to be honest I am a pretty clean person but even then after a gym workout anybody smells and I am no different. I made Adi lick my armpits and I knew he will revolt but surprisingly he didn't put much of a fight. I then made him lick my back. I thought of making him lick my ass but that was for another day. He followed that by licking pussy for sometime and then I made him go down to my feet and said " This is ur charan Amrit (Holy nectar). My sweat. Lick it clean" He spent a good 10 mins to doing that.
I then just pushed his head away and walked for my bath without any acknowledgement.I laid a frilly panty for him after my bath and went to office.

Rest of they day was normal. When I came back from office he was there on his knees and naked, I then ignored him for rest of the evening.


As soon as I woke up I yelled for Adi to come to the wash-room. I was anyway bursting and when he took 2 mins to come I was furious. I slapped him hard and told him to get naked and kneel down in the bathtub. I then climbed in and asked Adi to open his mouth.  I told him "Today is a big day Adi. You have licked my sweat, my charan Amrit. Now is the time for my other amrit (nectar). My PISS."
He knew what was coming and fear crept in his eyes. But he opened his mouth any ways. I bent my knees to aim for his mouth from 2 feet away and just let go. The initial splash landed on his cheek and then his eyes which he immediately closed. I  adjusted my aim and then it went in his mouth.
It started to flow down his mouth at which I barked "You better swallow it you dog or else "
He started to gulp but the flow was too much and it still started to flow down his chest and dick. Once I was done I asked him to come forward and lick me clean. As he did that I humiliated him saying" Look at you Adi. Licking my piss and cleaning me. My piss slave "

I had spent the last day drinking lots of water so I knew it will not be very repugnant. Also as per medical science the first piss of day has medicinal qualities so what the heck !!

I then went for gym and rest of the day was uneventful..

I will cover the remaining 3 days in my next post

As usual please share ur thoughts in the comments section

Till then


P.S. - I just checked and the blog has had 50,000 visitors. A big thanks to all for your comments and encouragement !!

Monday, 6 July 2015

A small step in FLR but a giant leap in our marriage !!

First I would like to apologize to regular readers for such a long break between posts but me and Adi had hit a wall in our relationship !!

All of this triggered in April when Adi got his annual appraisal which was to be fair a little disappointing to both of us. He called me and sounded down and I tried to comfort him. Reaching home I could see he was sad and decided that we order dinner . After dinner we sat down and I asked him to show the comments he had received and was surprised to see comments like "disinterested in work", "shirking away from responsibilities" etc. I knew Adi was not a technical wizard but he had been hardworking so was taken back by these comments. I started to ask Adi what had happened and he was evasive in his answers. I could sense something was wrong and probed further which led him to snap back and he said " It is all because of this lifestyle that you have imposed on me. I am unable to think straight and concentrate any more . "  It hit me like a brick in the wall and although I kept quiet inside I was devastated. I let him vent and he went on a tirade blaming me for all the ills of his professional life on me. I then asked him to go to sleep and that we would discuss this later.

The whole night I was awake thinking about the comments and the more I thought the more mad I became on Adi. By morning I had made up my mind. I got up took a quick shower and prepared breakfast. When Adi woke up he saw the stuff I had already done and I could see he was uneasy because of his comments the previous night but his machismo stopped him from saying anything. After breakfast we went to work and came back in the evening. I again prepared the dinner and we ate that quietly.

After dinner I informed him since he cannot be convinced the benefits of having such an arrangement that we would go back to what we had in past and see if that is what he wants. I then got up and went to sleep.

I felt devastated and really thought that my marriage was over and I wanted to walk out of it then and there but wanted to give Adi a chance. I was skeptical but in hindsight I am now glad that I did that.

Next two months were unlearning all that had been accomplished and I went from a dominating wife to a traditional wife. I let Adi run the show and just kept quiet. In the first week Adi was kinda happy that he had gained his freedom and his testosterone was back. We had sex for 3 times that week and I just did not make any comment. I told him to take most of the decisions and he was happy to be in charge. By week 2 the initial euphoria that died down and the realization sank, We continued for another 5 weeks but I could see that Adi knew something was wrong and that he was missing the control and discipline I had brought to his life. He got easily irritated when asked for any decision and finally he had a breakdown.

I then told Adi that we need to have a talk and explained that I had listened to him that day and today he would do the same without interrupting. I then started to explain the logic behind me taking the reigns of our marriage and taking decision making out of his hands. I listed all the problems we had in past and why I have chosen to be this way. I told him that this not a role play or a fantasy of his that will get over with time. This was a life-style change which worked on both of our strengths and weakness. I explained what having a 50-50 relation was causing to our marriage with constant mutual competitiveness and frequent fights. I told him that I had become the decision-making authority because of his tendency to shoot first and repent later. That he never thoughts the pros and cons of all his actions. I then explained him that he had a very spoiled childhood where he never lifted a spoon at his house which has accumulated a stack of bad habits and that is the reason for assigning him the chores and menial tasks so that he has a sense of duties and responsibilities that he can own and strive towards. I told him that the reason for asking him to put my needs first , even before his was so that he becomes more selfless. I said that I wanted to provide a central focus and direction to this marriage so that we have some balance when we eventually start a family. I was grooming him to be a better husband now so that he can become a better father in future . I told him the only reason I was doing this was because I LOVE HIM and deep down know that HE LOVES ME TOO !!

I had listed so many instances that all this took almost 2 hrs and by the time I was finished Adi was almost crying and I had got emotional too. Adi then got up and took me in his arms and we hugged like long lost lovers.  I asked him if he was ready for phase 2 of our marriage and Adi looked into my eyes and I saw what felt was true devotion. He then got down and started to kiss my feet to give his acceptance. Adi then started to apologize to me but I told him that apologies wont cut it and I know what his penance would be and that from tmw would be a new dawn and that he better be ready to endure what is coming his way !!!

I think in a way it was a small step in FLM but a giant leap in our marriage !!